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The C-Level team has a strong belief that the CEO and executive team typically know what their core competencies are, and they have a good understanding of the market and competitive environment. Given this, the C-Level approach is very collaborative and focuses on working closely with the leaders of the company to develop new strategies, get the leadership team aligned and help the team execute on key initiatives to accelerate growth. The C-Level approach often includes management interviews and potentially a leadership workshop to understand competitive positioning and ensure alignment on issues, opportunities and challenges.

Although we can create PowerPoint slides as well as anyone, we are not in the business of creating 100 page slide decks. We create brief discussion documents throughout the project to bring interim results to the leadership team. We then integrate management's feedback into the remainder of the work to ensure we are delivering solid value throughout the project.

Our projects may consist of the following types of activities:

  • Research and analysis of the market, the competitive landscape and potential partners.
  • Product portfolio review.
  • Development and facilitation of one or more workshops with the executive team.
  • Surveys and/or verbal conversations with your employees, customers and partners.

For each client initiative, we jointly create a project approach and timeline that aligns with your objectives. We will then assign a project manager and add 1–2 additional team members depending on the nature of the work, the required expertise, and the amount of research and analysis required.

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